Suu Urgulug, (Throwing Milk)

Short Documentary Film | 2006 | 3' | Color
Original Languages | Portuguese with English subtitles
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Unurjargal is the only child of a couple from Mongol. They arrived Portugal two years ago and they now live in a temporary fostering place for immigrants in Ameixoeira, Lisbon. Unurjargal is the only among the three family members who speaks Portuguese, she carries the hope, courage and determination of the whole family.

With Unurjargal Tsegmid & Gantsetsegmaa Tsedev
Director & Photography Joana Pinho Neves | Sound Adriana Bolito | Editing Claúdia Silvestre & Tiago Antunes | Special Thanks to Filipa Louro & Ana Jesus (Centro de Alojamento Temporário Pedro Arrupe), Centro Português para os Refugiados, ACIME.

Commissioned by Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian for "Forum Gulbenkian Imigração" 2006.